3D-Printed Arduino Bionic Hand

By on January 7, 2017
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The Youbionic 3d-printed hand can manipulate many different items, including a small box, a water bottle, and a set of keys. This revolutionary movement system is based on the material deformation, throught the geometric control of the structure. It’s characterized by flexible geometries that deform like muscles, that contract and release like fibers, to best execute any movement, as if they were biological limbs.
Functionality aside, the movement is extremely fluid and the smooth black finish really makes it look great. The device is currently equipped with an Arduino Micro, servos, various sensors, a battery pack, and a few switches.
They used standard components, making this project more flexible and affordable to the final user.Even the breadboard appears to be very neat, though one would suspect the final version will use some sort of PCB.


The future is coming…Hasta la vista, baby! (cit. Terminator)


Source: Arduino Blog – This 3D-printed bionic hand can replace or support a limb

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