SmartPID: Smart Temperature and Process Controller

By on December 13, 2016
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Professionally engineered, SmartPID Controller, now on Indiegogo, is a high-tech product that facilitates temperature and process control: heating or cooling.

Compared to a basic on/off thermostat, SmartPID is more an “open platform” that collects temperature from multiple sensors, apply programmable control logic, and drive different loads with precise PID algorithm.

SmartPID Controller can be used to control any applications in your home, both locally and remotely via wifi and smartphone app. You can easily access your process and log data from the web browser on a desktop or from smartphone via a dedicated app that in case of critical situation can generate alarms and triggers.



SmartPID is 100% ARDUINO compatible: just Plug SmartPID USB port into your Desktop and program the board via Arduino IDE.

SmartPID Controller is a must device for Do-It- Yourself Enthusiasts. Software geeks, Makers, but also professionals that need affordable process controller

From homebrewing or wine making to aquarium or refolow oven temperature control SmartPID can replace your thermostat and add full process control to your application, data log and remote management

Powerful, absolutely precise,very flexible, totally programmable and remote controllable… in one word is a SMART controller!



About Boris Landoni

Boris Landoni is the technical manager of Skilled in the GSM field, embraces the Open Source philosophy and its projects are available to the community.
  • Hi Boris,
    It looks like a great project. I am also working on the PID controllers for CNC to 3D Printer Conversion kits. You can take a look at my controllers from

    I want to ask you about the phone application do you have an Android or IOS application. Or you are supporting a web page view?

    We can work to gether to implament more functions for DIY PID controllers.

    Nuri Erginer

    • BorisLandoni

      Hi, this is a news, please write to

    • Than you Nuri for the comment and interest to SmartPID project

      Just few clarification, PID is used in a variety of project and application, SmartPID is mainly focused on thermos regulated process so collecting temperature form 2 independent sensors and apply custom and programmable service logic to drive the 5 outputs (2 relays, 3 12v out)
      Currently I have developed a smart thermostat and a home beer brewing application with full process automation..but other applications are in roadmap (food dehydrator, coffe roaster, pot still, BBQ..)

      The smartphone application is quite cool indeed (and we are working now to the new relase) . SmartPID is based on thingspeak IOT service so all log and process data are pushed to the cloud server. The app retrieve the data display it and allow you to configure remotely smartPID
      Up to now it’s a native app for android system (porting on IOS still not planned) but we are thinking also to a web app to overcome all the issue related to native app maintenance

      Happy to work with you for any improvement and suggestion
      Arzaman engineering