XYZ printer shows its new 3D food printer at Berlin IFA 2015

By on September 11, 2015
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Great interest at IFA2015 around the first food printer shown by XYZ printing.

A 3D printer that layers cookie dough instead of plastic will go on sale in Asia next year and later in the U.S. and Europe pending regulatory approval.

The Food Printer from Taiwan’s XYZ Printing will cost around US$1,800.

The printer works in a similar way to a traditional printer by layering dough, but what it prints isn’t edible. It’s printed on a piece of parchment paper and then needs to be baked in an oven before being eaten.

The machine can accommodate up to three tubes of printing product. They can be filled with a cookie dough-like mixture, chocolate or supplies to print a pizza. In that case the tubes would be filled with pizza dough, tomato sauce and cheese sauce.

The unit has about two dozen preset designs, but bakers can add more via a USB port.

The developers are targeting commercial users instead of consumers first and said they need to see where the most demand is.

Source: 3D printing in cookie dough tastes better than plastic

More info on XYZ printers websites.

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