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By on May 11, 2014
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This invention is pretty cool and it also opens (or better, fits) into the more general topic of soft robotics, a new breed of robots that can be used in a totally new set of occasions:

One of the latest contenders in soft robotics is the Glaucus. Named after the blue sea slug Glaucus atlanticus, this soft bot was developed by Brooklyn-based tech firm, Super-Releaser. It has no mechanical parts and is covered with a seamless silicone skin.

The quadruped robot has four inner chambers and bladders that can be inflated by two airlines. The air helps bend the robot’s legs and the sides of its body, enabling it to navigate by balancing on diagonally opposite pairs of legs, with movements similar to a salamander.

This low-cost open source technology has a great deal of potential in the fields of medicine and engineering. What’s even more fun is that you can create your own relatively easily. You can download all the source files and start making your own soft robot. All you have to do is 3-d print the molds and fill them with silicone. Once your Glaucus has dried you can attach an air supply and then you’re ready to experiment.


Sea Slug Robot – The Inflatable Navigator | www.techemergence.com.



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