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By on August 30, 2014
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In the words of the fouders, Obrary is “a marketplace of products collaboratively designed by the community [that] can be produced by anyone, amateur or professional […]”

For us, open also means not being tied to any one company or industry. We are an independent company and not associated with any manufacturers of products. Our solution is available for all types of design and manufacturing. We want to harness and enable Crowd Collaboration – when people get together to create something new or improve on something that already exists.

We chose to use the term Open Design over Open Source Hardware. Those terms are almost synonymous to us, but Open Design is more intuitive since more people understand design to mean design files. What’s more, hardware is not a broad enough term for the products we have in Obrary. For example, a chair is not hardware. Historically, hardware has been used to mean metalware, military equipment, weapons, or computer, mechanical, electronic devices.

unfortunately enough, it looks pretty complicated to access to the design files (you need to send an email) and it looks strange to see OSbeehiwes with no direct link to sources (available here: https://github.com/opensourcebeehives/Barcelona_Warre_Hive).

via About us – Obrary.

About us - Obrary

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