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By on March 19, 2013
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This week, The Finnish Institute in London publishes a longly awaited book about the Open Knowledge Movement : 

“The Open Book, a crowdsourced publication released by the Finnish Institute in London and the Open Knowledge Foundation as the third part of the critical Reaktio series, is an exploration of the social and technological manifestations of this emergent movement, featuring over 25 in-depth thought pieces written by pioneers of openness around the world from London to to Helsinki to São Paulo, edited by Jussi Nissilä and Kaitlyn Braybrooke together with Timo Vuorikivi. The writers include pioneers of openness such as Free Software Foundation’s Karsten Gerloff, Open Data Manchester’s JulianTait, IBM’s Ville Peltola, the Centre for Sustainable Communications’ Jorge Luis Zapico, The Guardian’s Simon Rogers, the Open Hardware Summit’s Catarina Mota, Open Design Now‘s Peter Troxler and the Harvard Berkman Centre for Internet & Society’s Mayo Fuster Morell.”

“The Open Book is a prime example of the unique creativity and vision that the global open knowledge movement has. The book has its roots in Helsinki’s Open Knowledge Festival last year and it provides a fitting legacy to this extraordinary event. Editors and authors have done fantastic job in initiating vibrant discussion about openness.”

 See the book here THE OPEN BOOK or download it

Can’t wait to read!

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