Talking Pi RPi add-on Brings Google Assitant to Your Project

By on January 22, 2018
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Elektor has begun selling a $42, open source voice control add-on board that is programmable via the Google Assistant SDK. Built by Germany based JOY-iT, and marketed by Conrad Business Supplies, the RF-enabled Talking Pi enables voice control of home automation equipment such as smart lights, power sockets, and other gizmos via addressable extensions to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO.

The Talking Pi is compatible with Google’s AIY Projects voice/AI kit and HAT board for the Raspberry Pi, as well as the voice-activated Google Home home automation hub, which similarly provides the Google Assistant voice agent. You can program the Talking Pi using Google’s Python and Raspbian Linux based Google Assistant SDK.

The board offers 6-channel PWM controls for servo controls of robotics gear. It also includes a bracket that supports a 433MHz SRD (Short Range Device) radio module for remote control.
A 5V barrel jack supports servo applications. The board includes a separately addressable button and LED, and you can add a larger arcade button next to it via GPIO 23.
A separate tethered board houses a stereo microphone with an integrated I2S sound output driver.

Specifications are listed below:

  • Intelligent Voice-Control-Assistant
  • Compatible to Google Home / AIY-Project
  • Stereo-Microphone on additional board
  • Integrated I²S-Sound-Output-Driver with 1x3W speaker output on screw terminal
  • Extendable by second speaker to stereo (available soon)
  • Switchable between GPIO and additional Servo-PWM unit
  • Integrated 5V Coax for Servo operation
  • Control 433MHz Radio-Units with Voice Control
  • Button & LED integrated and also separately addressable
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 64 x 10 x 54mm

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