• OpenSolo Initiative: 3DR Open Sourced its SoloLink codebase to the World

    We spoke about the integration of 3DR’s Site Scan software platform with DJI drones just a week ago. Now it’s time to introduce you the new Opensolo Initiative: essentially, 3DR has released its SoloLink codebase to the world, for...

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  • What does your robot need? Maybe a BeagleBone Blu!

    The  BeagleBone Blue from BeagleBoard.org is a credit-card sized board with all the components needed to operate a robot or even a drone. It is open source, as its schematics have been published, and developers can replicate the board. It has...

    • Posted 7 years ago
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  • Getting started with open source robotics: 9 amazing projects

    Open source isn’t just changing the way we interact with the world, it’s changing the way the world interacts back with us. Case in point: open source robotics. Hardware projects: A robot is a physical thing, and...

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