STM32 Development board of PLC

By on February 1, 2019
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PLC Zero development board of STM32 PLC.

With the Speed Plc system, you can turn the STM32F407VGT6 into a plc in a few minutes.
All pins are 3.3 v and unprotected.
You can use by learning PLC programming or automation project with IO shield board(you must make the IO shield yourself) or you can use STM32F407 development board include ethernet. Power 3.3 – 5 v. from usb. Total 42 IO on board. 3 button I 0.0 – I 0.2, 3 led Q 0.0 – Q 0.2, 1 Trimpot AI 0 on board.
Features when used as PLC: 115 KB program memory, 1 piece 10/100 MBit full duplex Ethernet, Modbus TCP, web server with 512KB file space, 2 piece RS485 serial port, Modbus RTU, 8 piece 200 KHz digital input and 8 piece 655 KHz digital output, 8 piece 12 Bit Analog input, 2 piece 12 Bit Analog output. 16 piece selectable digital inputs/outputs.



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