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By on January 30, 2019
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Servo shield for Arduino/Fishino UNO allow to control up to 6 RC servos 3 pins (+5V / – / PWM ) and RC servos 4 pins with feedback (+5V / – / PWM / Feedback ). On board there is a 5 volt  3 A  power supply based on chip WP1584, 2 power MOSFET outputs with LED, 1 digital input and 2 push buttons for future applications (I/O D7 e D8 di Arduino). The power supply provides all the current that the 13 kg/cm RC servos require to operate. The connectors of RC servos have 4-pins like the standard adopted by the RC servos with feedback. The shield does not take power supply from the Arduino (in fact none of the power supply pins of the shield is connected), but from a separate DC jack on board, which in the schematic is signed PWR; the input power supply pass through the polarity inversion protection diode, filtered and stabilized at 5 volts.

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