Python for Professional IoT Development is now reality with Zerynth

By on June 29, 2017
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Zerynth just launched Zerynth Studio PRO. The professional version of the software stack for
developing IoT solutions in Python language includes industrial-grade features like: firmware
Over-The- Air updates; power Saving; possibility to select the RTOS; from 50 to infinite number of
programmable devices for pre-series and industrial productions; Hardware-driven Secured

The toolkit launched in 2015 after a successful Kickstarter campaign enabled a wide range of
electronics and software developers to successfully design embedded applications and IoT
connected devices using any 32 bit microcontrollers and connecting to any cloud infrastructure. All
with a powerful yet simple programming language like Python (or hybrid C/Python) and a footprint of
just 60–80k of Flash and 3–5k RAM. The advantages of programming with Zerynth include the
possibility to reuse the code from the prototype to the final solution (thanks to the Zerynth Virtual
Machine) and to connect with any cloud architecture, resulting in a reduced time to market and an
increased flexibility.

With this new release targeting professional users, Zerynth enriches the features list, including the
possibility to perform a full over-the- air update of the software after the solution has been installed
on the field.

Once an IoT solution is built, whether it is a Wi-Fi connected fleet of smart vending machines or a
Lora-based system for monitoring an oil pipeline, developer might need to keep the solution updated
with customer’s requirements. To meet this specification, Zerynth has included the Firmware Over-
the-Air (FOTA) update feature in Zerynth Studio PRO. And, most important, they made it incredibly
simple and extremely powerful: while the FOTA progresses, the rest of the firmware keeps running
normally, with an important reduction of the devices’ offline time: a critical aspect in many industrial
applications to guarantee the continuous functioning.

In its free-to- use version, downloadable from Zerynth Website, Zerynth Studio enables all the
features needed to prototype IoT solutions and to program for free up to 5 units of each supported

Zerynth Studio PRO (available as IDE or Toolchain) can be accessed by users by upgrading the
Zerynth account and choosing a monthly or a yearly subscription, with a simple pricing scheme
per single user: $39/month or $390/year.

For additional information about this new release, click here.

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