Python for Microcontrollers? Tell us on which board and win!

By on September 16, 2016
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Great challenge from Zerynth, if you join the survey you can be the lucky one to win the most voted board. And if you vote our Fishino32 you can win two times: by having it for free, and by using the best embedded board of the moment!

What is Zerinth? Here is the rationale for their work and for the survey:

The rise of the Python programming language seems unstoppable. As reported by IEEE Spectrum in the “2016 Top Programming Languages“, Python has swapped places with C++ to take the No. 3 position. Although it’s not yet included in the “embedded” category of the above list, we believe that it can work greatly with microcontrollers.

The benefits of Python for embedded

First of all, Python is a Human-Readable Language. The generated code is easy to read, easy to write and is more maintainable and portable compared to other languages, such as C/C++.

Zerynth provides a subset of Python, suitable for microcontrollers, enabling rapid prototyping, faster development cycle and scalability. Thanks to its Hardware Abstraction Layer, the Zerynth Virtual Machine runs Python scripts that are board independent allowing code reuse on a wide set of 32 bit chips.

Fill the survey and win the most voted board

We already support a lot of boards (see the dedicated section of the documentation): Fishino, Particle Photon, ST Nucleo, Arduino Due, Mikroe Flip&Click and Quail and many others.

We are now expanding the number of supported boards (SPOILER: non-ARM architectures coming this month) and we want to involve you: let us know which from the boards listed below you’d love to program in Python.

The list includes boards to suit all purposes: making, professional development and scale production. Tip: click on the board names and follow the links to view the board details.

And that’s not all! At the end of the survey (3 October 2016) you could be one of the three randomly chosen to win the most voted board! If you want to be the lucky one, just fill the newsletter form after the vote.

The boards are:

Vote here: Python for Microcontrollers? Tell us on which board and win!

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