Printoo, a Paper-Thin, Arduino Compatible module is on Kickstarter

By on April 24, 2014
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Ynvisible launched Printoo a prototyping platform to make today’s Printed Electronics technologies more accessible to anyone interested in developing interactive objects and projects.

By making these technologies accessible, open and easy to prototype with, Printoo “hopes to generate a wave of innovation to make the physical world smarter and more enjoyable”

Printoo boards can be used to make 3D printed objects come to life. By bringing novel ultra-low power technologies and having Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, they are also great to prototype new product concepts around the internet of things and smart wearables.

Printoo is a platform of paper-thin circuit boards and modules. It gives makers an open-source, lightweight, flexible, and modular Arduino-compatible platform to create just about anything you want! What makes Printoo amazingly unique is that it comes with a range of printed electronics modules previously unavailable to the public. These are electronics building “blocks” of the future, only not so rigid.

via Printoo: Paper-Thin, Flexible Arduino™-Compatible modules! by Ynvisible — Kickstarter.

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