Pam: a pellet-based 3D printer able to print four different materials at the same time

By on July 5, 2016
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French additive manufacturing startup Pollen has unveiled its gorgeous new Pam 3D printer, which takes the unusual approach of printing using pellets instead of traditional filament spools as raw materials.

“We’ve been in R&D stealth mode for five years,” CEO Cédric Michel tells It was difficult to spend so long not talking about it to anyone. It’s a great moment for us to finally be able to go public.”

The wood-framed Pam printer operates speedily, at up to 400 mm/s, and is able to print using a wide variety of materials — including thermoplastics, silicones, composites, natural fibers, metal particles, and more. Perhaps most enticing of all is the fact that it promises to print up to four different materials at the same time, with the ability to pull off feats like printing sunglasses with lenses made of a different material — all in one single process.

Pam carries a somewhat hefty pre-order price tag of €8,000 ($8,900), although Michel says that this actually makes it low-cost compared to similarly positioned 3D printers. If you’re interested in picking one up, it’s possibly worth doing now — since the price is set to double by 2017 when Pam is officially available to buy.

Source: Digital Trends

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