Orbit1: A Tabletop Electroplater turns everything into metal. On kickstarter now!

By on May 25, 2015
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This is an awesome product. Most of us are wondering how to improve, in terms of material strength and durability but also with a look at the aestethic part, our plastic 3d prints. Orbit1 is a solution. It is a compact and smart electroplater that, simply controlling it through a bluetooth smartphone, allow to deposit a thin metallic film on any plastic object. This gives better resiliency and a fashion touch to our creations.

The product comes with a kit that includes a special conductive paint and the necessary chemicals to plate everything out-of-the-box.

Go to Kickstarter now to pledge a highly discounted product!

Here are few details from their page:

Orbit1 is an electroplater that allows you to plate just about everything. Look at the trumpet we 3D printed and plated with Orbit1! You can even make your own musical instrument at home. Using Orbit1, you can coat your works in metal, even gold, in three simple steps. First, clean and polish your object, next spray the conductive paint, then click start. Orbit1 will metallize your design, empowering you with the Midas touch from your tabletop. Orbit1 is a step forward in the 3D printing world.

Your most affordable tabletop electroplating solution for consumer 3D printing:

  • Cost-efficient – $2/g in average
  • Easy-to-use – Android and iOS App control & Auto-Maintenance system.
  • Speedy – Fine finish in 2 hours, even minutes.
  • Stylish & compact – Φ300mm/H 560mm.
  • Applicable to almost any surface – Proprietary conductive paint spray.
  • Max. plating size – 200mm (7.8 inch) high and 150mm (5.9 inch) wide.
  • Highly flexible – Adjust and customize plating details for your work in specifics.

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