OpenPicus presents new IoT professional platform: FlyportPRO WiFi

By on November 25, 2013
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The boys at OpenPicus R&D are volcanoes: now it’s time for Flyport  PRO: an opensource hardware platform for professional users: it’s smaller, more powerful and CE Certified! Like the perfect platforms for companies building IoT.

Check it out!

See the size:


Flyport module is already into lot of end user products but we wanted to do more. We made a survey in June and we asked our professional customers (hundreds of companies all over the World) what they want us to add/modify of the actual Flyport.

The result was:

  • A smaller dimension (IoT and connected objects are becoming really small)
  • A thinner module (the actual Flyport is not so thin due to its connector)
  • Lower price in volumes
  • Higher pin count (Flyport has lot of processing power and users want to use the max possibilities the microcontroller provides)
  • Bigger RAM size (handling XML or other kind of file is sometime difficult with 16K of RAM)
  • EEPROM onboard to save parameters and settings
  • CE certification (in this way if you make a complete product you save lot of certification cost)

We worked on the idea and today we are proud to announce: FlyportPRO Wi-Fi!

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