Open Source Power Converter By Siemens

By on July 29, 2018
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Inverters are high-power electronic devices that adapt the frequency of a voltage as desired, in fractions of a second.
Today a wide variety of very specialized small inverters are used for specific application areas. This might soon be a thing of the past, thanks to Tapas, a new universal inverter that was developed by experts at Siemens Corporate Technology.

SDI TAPAS is a multipurpose GaN FET based board with a TMS320F28x controller onboard.

It is much more universal in application than previous inverters, features low distortion, and is very dynamic and impressively compact in its design.

TAPAS features a 48V, 3-phase GaN power stage with on-board filters. This design-choice allows for a high switching frequency/bandwidth (300kHz and beyond) whilst producing a smooth output wave-form. In contrast, commonly available IGBT or MOSFET converter boards typically have a rather limited bandwidth and/or produce a square output wave-form

Furthermore it is Raspberry PI compatible and multiple boards can be used in collaboration, giving rise to many-phase applications such as quadrocopters or multi-axis servo control. Together with open-source code examples and extensive documentation Siemens made TAPAS as accessible to the community as possible.

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