Only few more days to support ATTiny ISP Shield!

By on January 3, 2015
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ATtiny ISP Shield is about porting your small Arduino projects to a low cost chip easily, which is a very interesting and useful thing to do:

ATtiny ISP Shield makes programing AVR ATtiny bare Chips easy and simple and also helps shrinkfy your arduino projects

ATtiny ISP Shield is a programing tool used to program bare for

  • 8 Pin IC’s like ATtiny13, ATtiny15 ,ATtiny25, ATtiny45, ATtiny85.
  • 14 Pin IC’s like ATtiny24, ATtiny44, ATtiny84.
  • 20 Pin IC’s like ATtiny2313, ATtiny4313.
  • 28 pin IC’s like ATMega8, Atmega128, Atmega328 using ISP header.

via ATTiny ISP Shield | Indiegogo.


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