One of the Cutest Retrogames: Arduino Claw Machine!

By on June 3, 2017
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Maybe the claw machine is the most loved and the most hated game at the same time.

Depending on your point-of-view, you may see claw machines as an interesting device that can normally be ignored, or perhaps magnet for quarters that you must satisfy until you capture the stuffed animal that’s “so easy to get.”

Ryan Bates of Retro Built Games is still developing and working on his Super Claw machine.

This project, though on version four, is not currently for sale as a kit, but he is now selling his stepper driver board for the device, which links up to an Arduino Mega via an IDC cable. This takes advantage of the brick of I/O opposite the USB and power connector on the Mega to clean up wiring significantly.

Check out his build page for lots more info on the development process!

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