OctoPrint starts a Patreon to help fund its interface for 3D printing

By on April 23, 2016
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Gina Häußge, the creator and main developer of popular 3D printing software OctoPrint, has launched a call for funding through crowdfunding platform Patreon. OctoPrint, which many of our readers may already know, is a web interface for 3D printers that allows you to easily control and monitor your 3D printer and 3D print jobs from virtually any browser on your network.

The versatile software, which can run on almost any computer, from a simple Raspberry Pi, to a gaming rig, to your laptop, has offered makers everywhere an effective way to keep track of their prints, whether or not they are standing in front of their 3D printers. The software has also, since its creation in late 2012, predicated itself on being a free and open-source software.

With any free and open-source software, comes the question of income for the developers. As Gina Häußge explains on her Patreon video, running and maintaining the software has become a full time job for her, which unfortunately cannot quite pay the bills.

As she explains, “On the one hand, I really love working on OctoPrint, making it better and better with every release, making it something that people can fully adapt to their own needs. Creating software is not only my job, it’s my passion and i guess it shows with OctoPrint. But, just like everyone else, I also have bills to pay and managing this huge project next to a full time paying job is pretty much impossible at this point.”

If you like her project, help fund it here.

Source: 3ders.org – OctoPrint

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