New MatterControl Touch T10 controller enables 3D printing without a computer

By on April 10, 2016
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MatterHackers has unveiled the MatterControl Touch T10, a 10.6” touchscreen 3D printing “brain” which enables user to control their 3D printer without a computer. The device comes bundled with free access to MatterControl Cloud Sync’s wireless capabilities.

With the MatterControl Touch T10, connectivity is key. Wi-Fi connects the device to the MatterControl Cloud, from which users can source their 3D printable designs with ease. The large, HD, 10.6” touchscreen enables easy sourcing of files and control of the 3D printer, while the 2Ghz Octa-Core processor permits super-fast onboard slicing. Other cool features include a 5.0 megapixel camera, which users can use to remotely keep an eye on their 3D print job or take a picture once it has finished, online progress checking, and SMS/email notifications for informing makers when their print is ready.

The T10 is able to take control of every aspect of a 3D printer. With more than just the ability to obtain and trigger 3D prints, the device is able to monitor and control every minute setting of the connected 3D printer, removing any need for computer-based configuration. “Just like the T7, [the T10] has all the functionality that you need to control your 3D printer,” Brubaker explained. “You can view your parts, you can look at all the different things you’ve set up, and you can control all the settings of your printer.”

MatterControl Touch T10 technical specifications:

  • RAM: 1GB
  • GPU: 2GHz Octa-Core
  • Internal Storage: 8GB
  • External Storage: SD Card
  • 5.0 megapixel Onboard Camera
  • IPS Touchscreen
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Standalone Control
  • Web Monitoring
  • Remote Print Start & Stop


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