New IoT reference boards by Argon

By on August 5, 2016
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Argonboards provides complete board and software solutions based on NXP solutions revolutionizing the IOT market. The idea behind Argonboards is to allow companies to quickly evaluate the next generation NXP architectures and build a demo of their end application. This may also lead to the user contracting a tailored production board.

They have just released two new boards dedicated to IoT projects:

  1. Based on the NXP i.MX_6 Sololite Application Processor, the i.MX6 Sololite Multi-purpose IOT gateway is designed for next generation of low power , wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and ZigBee applications. Equipped with more than just Wi—Fi Capabilities, this intelligent controller platform provides high performance processing capabilities and is optimized for lowest power consumption.Additionally this board can be used as a validation and development platform for software stack develop-ment for both i.MX_6SL processor as well as Wi-Fi , Bluetooth, Bluetooth low Energy and ZigBee applications. Additional feature added to IOT gateway is ZigBee support. ZigBee is an open and global standard for wire-less sensor networks, control and monitoring solutions that are reliable and cost-effective.
  2. LS1021A Community board is a low cost, fully featured, open source next generation IOT gateway reference design supporting a broad array of IoT applications including building/home management, smart cities and networked industrial documents. The feature rich IOT gateway reference design based on LS1021A embedded processor
    •  Combines open source framework software with cloud based Mobile Apps for video streaming from the community board
    •  Equipped with a wide array of both high speed connectivity and low speed serial interfaces to support wide level of versatility.
    • Support for Arduino Shield™ modules, making it suitable for communication solutions offered by the family of Arduino modules.
    • Class leading efficiency and security in a compact design.

    Engineered to allow companies to quickly evaluate the LS1021A architecture and quickly build a demo of their end application, LS1021A COMMBD board is an affordable option providing shorter time to design and shorter time to market. Thus the LS1021A- COMMBD board can significantly help OEMs and ODMs to quickly reduce investment costs

Source: Argon Boards

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