MotionPro 6600: The Motion Controller For All Your Needs

By on June 20, 2018
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MotionPro 6600 is a new motion controller development board for any electronic project with moving parts such as milling machines, robots, mechanical arms, sliders or moving part machines.

Designed for any application or project that uses stepper motors for fine motion control, the motionPro 6600 has been created for makers, developers and enthusiasts building :

– Milling machines
– Robots and mechanical arms
– Linear slides for cameras, DSLRs, etc.
– Laser engravers/cutters
– Waterjet machines
– Pick and place machines
– Sorting machines
– Automotive applications such as lumbar support adjustment, etc.
– Storage retrieval systems

Features & Specifications

  • Control up to four axes per machine
  • High-power stepper drivers capable of driving up to four NEMA 17/23/34 motors at up to 4 A per motor
  • Independently configurable current limits and stepper resolutions (up to 16 micro-steps) for all four axes
  • Selectable “clone axis” function – Clone the X or Y axis, or use it as a 4th axis
  • Software agnostic – Use with the on-board grbl firmware or any other external control logic that is capable of giving out TTL-level control signals
  • Connects using USB, parallel/printer port, or the onboard IDC connector
  • All step and direction inputs have been broken out for control using external logic
  • On-board opto-isolators between control signals inputs and the driver chips
  • Great thermal performance (tested) with a heavy-duty heatsink for primary heat dissipation and PCB copper pours for secondary heatsinking
  • Reverse power connect protection
  • Wide input power ranging from 12 V to 36 V. On-board 3.3 V, 5 V, and 12 V outputs for connecting fans, etc.
  • Noise filtered inputs for all limit switches, probes, and emergency stop switches
  • On-board parallel port for direct connection with software such as Mach 3 or LinuxCNC
  • Physical dimensions: 202 mm x 140 mm x 40 mm. Weight (with heatsink): 743 grams.

It’s now available on CrowdSupply where pledges are available from $199 for the controller or $245 for the motionPro 6600 Laser bundle.

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