Microsoft Research unveiled SurfaceConstellations, the open source system for cross-device workspaces

By on May 4, 2018
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Working in partnership with University College London, Microsoft Research has released a new modular system for creating tailored workspaces using multiple touchscreen devices: it’s called SurfaceConstellations and it is open source.

The key to the system is capacitive links attached to brackets printed using 3D printing technology, which establish the connection between the devices. The system includes a second, conductive material in the bracket, which overlays a small section of the touchscreen and recognized as a unique touchpoint.

SurfaceConstellations includes designs for 3D printed brackets for holding multiple different touchscreen devices information, as well as capacitive links for automatic recognition of connected devices. A web-based GUI tool can help users configure their set up, but for the most part, the software approach is being left to the individual needs of the user.

Because of the open source nature of the system, users can rearrange the various brackets to customize their own setups, or even create their own brackets using the MakerBot customizer and source files  provided by the researchers on GitHub.

Full details of the system are available here.

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