MediaTek Labs LinkIt™ Smart 7688 Open-Source IoT

By on December 13, 2015
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MediaTek Labs announced the MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform, the latest addition to the LinkIt portfolio of development platforms. This new platform offers a variety of programming options and enables rapid development of advanced Wi-Fi based devices such as IP cameras, surveillance devices, smart appliances and Wi-Fi gateways that make use of cloud services.

Two versions of the platform’s Hardware Development Kit (HDK) are available: the LinkIt Smart 7688, which includes a microprocessor unit (MPU) based on the MediaTek MT7688AN system-on-chip (SOC), and the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo, which in addition to the MPU includes a microcontroller unit (MCU) and is Arduino compatible. Both development boards feature built-in Wi-Fi, 128MB RAM and 32MB Flash, and a wide variety of options for connecting peripherals.

The LinkIt Smart 7688 will benefit three developer communities:

  • OpenWrt: Developers can use the standard OpenWrt SDK to create native C applications for their IoT device, taking advantage of over 2000 software packages offering additional functionality. Web and mobile app developers: With support for Node.js and Python, the platform offers an easy route into IoT development.
  • Arduino: (LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo only) Makers can use the popular Arduino IDE to develop applications for the MCU and have realtime control of peripherals.

LinkIt Smart 7688 is able to take advantage of the MediaTek Cloud Sandbox for data collection, visualization and analytics during development.

Prices? Extremely low, the LinkIt Smart 7688 costs $12.90, while the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo costs $15.90

Source: MediaTek Labs

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