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By on February 14, 2016
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Maximo is an Arduino driven 5-axis robotic arm with a laser cut acrylic body. The robot comes with Robotic Studio software to control the arm with a gamepad or play series of recorded steps to execute complex automations. Maximo only requires a screwdriver to be assembled or we can sent it to you fully assembled.

The kit includes: a black and clear acrylic body with a set of screws, nuts and standoffs, 6x KING MAX High Torque Servo Motors, a bearing base, Arduino with Servo Shield, wiring, USB cable and a power supply. You also get the standard gripper head module, a Robotic Studio license and the Assembly Manual.

Assembling the 230 parts of the arm is an easy process. In fact, the only thing required to build the robot is a Phillips-head screwdriver. We provide a simple step-by-step guide to help you build Maximo. Even a beginner can put Maximo together and get it to work in less than three hours.

In order to bring more features to Maximo, we’ve created several modular heads. These heads can be changed within seconds. They were designed to be easy to install and remove.

Several heads available:

The Standard gripper head module is the head included with every Maximo kit. It works like a pair of pliers, with the jaws opening and closing to grab all kinds of objects.

The Advanced gripper head module is more sophisticated than the standard claw and allows Maximo to grab objects by applying balanced pressure to the object. Very useful for grabbing small and rounded objects.

The Palletizer head module is a miniature reproduction of the ones used in factories and warehouses. A must-have to raise small wood pallets and other stuff.

The Pen-holder head module allows you to put various objects on Maximo’s head. You can use Maximo to draw, paint and even play music!

The arm is controlled by an Arduino board combined with a servo shield. The additional connectors on the board makes it possible to operate way more than the servomotors. You can connect motion sensors, led lights and even wheels to make Maximo mobile. The Arduino board comes with Bluetooth compatibility which opens several interesting features such as wireless control from your computer.  The possibilities are simply endless.

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