Matrix Voice, Open-Source Voice Recognition Platform

By on March 9, 2017
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Enyone who wants to create projects or control projects by using voice recognition, may be interested in a new open source voice recognition platform called Matrix Voice, on Indiegono now.

The voice recognition platform consists of a small development board which measures 3.4 inches in diameter and is equipped with a radial array of 7 MEMS microphones connected to a Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA & 64 Mbit SDRAM with 18 RGBW LED’s & 64 GPIO pins.

Designed for the Raspberry Pi boards or Stand-alone with ESP32 Wi-Fi / BT enabled 32 bit microcontroller. It’s for makers, industrial and home IoT engineers.

To simplify hardware application development, MATRIX Voice includes MATRIX OS, which allows developers to build hardware applications in just a few lines of code using JavaScript.
The 7 MEMs microphone array on MATRIX Voice allows you to leverage voice recognition in your app creations by using the latest online cognitive services including Microsoft Cognitive Service, Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Google Speech API, and Houndify.

Watch the video below to learn more about this voice recognition platform which is both open source and now available to back via Indiegogo.

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