Make Real Life IoT projects using Python and Microcontrollers: a Challenge by Zerynth

By on December 22, 2016
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Zerynth is the first vertical set of tools for designing embedded applications and IoT connected devices using any 32-bit microcontroller and cloud architecture. All in Python (or C/Python) language!

Zerynth provides the middleware for smart devices and solutions for the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. In other words, the “Android for the embedded world” , applicable to manufacturing, retail, robotics, home automation and all the market sectors where the IoT (and YOU) will be the protagonist.

Zerynth launched a really, really interesting contest. Here are the prizes, then if you are still on this page after them (we suspect you’ll open Zerynth Studio in a moment), you can find the rules and advices to join the contest!

  • Participation Prize: first of all, Zerynth and our partner Open-Electronics want to thank every participant giving a 10% discount on the Open-Electronics store. When your project will be accepted we’ll send you a message with the promotion code.
  • Zerynth’s Choice Prize: we will award the best project with the fantastic Hexiwear by MikroElektronika and NXP!
  • Community Prizes: the 3 most voted projects will win great prizes provided by Open-Electronics and MikroElektronika. In particular: 1 Flip&Click with Zerynth Virtual Machine + 1 Click board OR 2 Click boards already compatible with Zerynth (LoRa, WiFi Plus, Bargraph, Temp&Hum, I2C 1 Wire, ThumbstickREED, DC MOTOR, Vibra senseIR Distance, microSD, RELAY, Motion)
  • Bonus Prize: winners also have the possibility to be interviewed and featured on the Zerynth, Open Electronics or MikroElektronika blog!

The Contest

This contest is open to professional designers, makers, hackers, nerds and geeks who want to build real life IoT projects using Zerynth on one of the supported boards.

See the world around you, stretch your imagination and build something unique and useful for a chance to win.

If you’re not sure how to begin, here are some resources you may find useful:

Simple Rules

The rules are very simple. Long story short:

  1. Make a project using Zerynth and at least one of the supported boards (see the list at this page).
  2. All projects should be relevant to the theme of the contest: “Real Life IoT”.
  3. There is no limit to the number of projects you can submit.
  4. Submit the project to the following two platforms:
    1. Zerynth’s page (don’t forget to link Zerynth as software tool)
    2. Zerynth Community Projects” on Zerynth Forum

Submit you project by following the steps listed here: Make Real Life IoT projects using Python and Microcontrollers

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