Make a non-contact infrared thermometer

By on June 25, 2021
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When you test a new electronic circuit or new hardware design it’s useful to check if the components on the board are overheating abnormally. If something goes wrong (which can happen on the first try) these components could reach a temperature of up to 80 ° C and touching with your finger is not a great idea.

In this project we will build a thermal gun using Arduino and an MLX90614 infrared temperature sensor which can also be used to measure, for example, body temperature.

The MLX90614 sensor has two built-in devices, a sensing unit and a DSP signal conditioning device (computing unit). The detection unit in the sensor measures the amount of IR energy emitted by a targeted object and the calculation unit converts it into a temperature value using a 17-bit in-built ADC and outputs the data through I2C communication protocol.

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