Little Flash is a Supercapacitor Rover That Charges in 10 Seconds

By on June 3, 2019
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Little Flash is a 3d printed robot powered by ultracapacitors. To prevent getting stuck, she uses a bump switch, motor overcurrent detection and random path adjustments.

Supercapacitors are intriguing power sources because they can store and release charges in an instant. This device uses a pair of continuous rotation-modded servos to move about for roughly 20 minutes. It’s controlled by an Arduino Uno, and employs over-current detection as well as a bump switch to keep it from getting stuck.

It’s powered by a trio of 350 farad supercaps wired in series and the capacitor setup allows it to charge in seconds, though with a current flow of nearly 50 amps.

Further information are available in the video below.

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