Light graffiti skateboard

By on August 29, 2021
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The “light painting” consists in photographing moving light sources and thus obtaining very particular and creative images; in this project we see how to build a bright skateboard for this purpose.

We used an Arduino Nano as a microcontroller, the case was 3d printed. We connected a button and a switch so that we could turn it on and off and activate different lighting effects on the Neopixel strip. The rainbow effect is probably the most interesting. A single 7.4v lipo battery powers the whole sistem. We use the Arduino fastLED library, but you can also try the NeoPixel library if you are more familiar.

As for the photographic aspect, we activated the flash manually with the “test” button when the subject was in the right place. Depending on the ambient light in your surroundings you will have to change the ISO and f-stop, set the shutter speed according to the duration of the light trails, in this case we used 4 seconds.

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