JeVois: Open-Source Quad-Core Smart Machine Vision Camera on Kickstarter

By on January 1, 2017
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Open-source quad-core camera effortlessly adds powerful machine vision to all your PC/Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects: rush to Kickstarter today to help them collecting funds!

JeVois = video sensor + quad-core CPU + USB video + serial port, all in a tiny, self-contained package (28 cc or 1.7 cubic inches). Insert a microSD card loaded with the provided open-source machine vision algorithms (including OpenCV 3.1 and many others), connect to your desktop, laptop, and/or Arduino, and give your projects the sense of sight immediately.

Three major modes of operation:

  • Demo/development mode: the smart camera outputs a demo display over USB that shows the results of its analysis, possibly along with simple results communicated over serial port (e.g., coordinates and content of any QRcode that has been identified).
  • Text-only mode: the smart camera provides no USB output, but only text strings, for example, commands for a pan/tilt controller.
  • Pre-processing mode: the smart camera outputs video that is intended for machine consumption, for example an edge map computed over the video frames captured by the camera sensor, or a set of image crops around the 3 most interesting objects in the scene. This video can then be further processed by the host computer, for example, using a massive deep neural network running on a cluster of high-power GPUs to recognize the three most interesting objects that the smart camera has detected. Text outputs over serial are of course also possible in this mode.

Hardware Specs

The JeVois smart camera is a complete Linux computer. It can run on its own, without a host PC. Thanks to the cooling fan, it can run under full processing load without overheating and while maintaining a constant 1.34 GHz CPU speed.

 Software Specs

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