Ionware sdk1 Dev Kit: Home Automation Add-On Board for the Raspberry Pi Zero W

By on May 2, 2019
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Ionware startup has launched an ionware starter development kit 1 home automation add-on board for the Raspberry Pi Zero W aimed at STEM students and IoT makers. The ionware sdk1 runs an ion server stack built around the the Raspbian Lite based openHABian Linux distribution. OpenHABian offers plugins, extensions, Things, REST APIs, and more to implement the cloud-enabled openHAB IoT stack. There’s also a Raspbian config for SD card management.

The ionware sdk1 kit combines an ionC1 controller board with a USB communications dongle, USB cable, and USB-to-serial cable. The ionC1 board is equipped with:

  • 7x universal inputs (digital and analog inputs, 0-5v, Res.) with software selectability
  • 5x relay digital outputs (24VAC/DC)
  • 2x digital outputs (0 to ~5v)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Serial coms. screw terminals for connection to Raspberry Pi
  • Micro-USB 5V power input
  • Auxiliary USB 5V power input
  • LEDs
  • 105 x 75 x 12mm, 88 grams
  • 3-year warranty

Jump on to read the original post and to find out more information about the ionware Starter Development Kit 1.

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