Introducing New STM32MP1 Microprocessor for Industrial IoT Improvement

By on April 1, 2020
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STM32MP1 is a new generation of MPU, released in 2019, with the main frequency of 650MHz. STM32MP1is compatible with the groundbreaking heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) and has the dual advantages of MPU and MCU.

The new-generation STM32MP1 just released in February 2020, with a main frequency of 800MHz. The new-generation STM32MP1 adopts the Arm®Cortex®-A7 dual-core application processor and 209MHz Cortex®-M4 processor in the architecture, with a higher frequency and stronger computing power to support better quality needs of audio and video processing. The new STM32MP1 meets high-performance requirements and long-life-cycle industrial-grade processor requirements to help developers easily implement powerful AI functionalities in the product applications.

STM32MP1 offers two choices of main frequencies: 650MHz and 800MHz.
The 800MHz frequency has greatly improved in performance and security, while the 650MHz frequency products are suitable for applications that have optimization requirements in cost. The two series are fully pin-compatible and software programs can be reused to facilitate product migration.


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