How To Check Electrical Wiring In Your Home?

By on February 17, 2022
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It is extremely vital to have good wiring in your home. In our modern lifestyle, we rely on electricity for almost everything. For a smooth and long-lasting electric system, it is important to have your home electrical wiring checked and maintained regularly. Operating on outdated and overused electric cables can cause some serious safety hazards.

Furthermore, if you have yet not secured the electric wiring in your home then it must be a matter of time you might start encountering electric hindrances in your home. That means your fuse box and wiring might not be able to stand the electric pressure compared to what it used to face when it was first attached to your home. The pressure your electric wiring must be facing now is ten times more intensified. There are few factors mentioned below that you must consider in order to have a safe and tension free home environment.

Test the home wiring with a multimeter

One of the most effective and reliable ways to check your home wiring is by using a digital multimeter. This method is used to confirm the flow of current from one end of the wire to another and establish continuity in your home wiring. However, you can use a non-digital multimeter tool, as per your personal preference.

We have mentioned the following steps on how you can test the wiring in your home using a multimeter:

  • For the initial step disconnect your wire or cable that is to be tested. Connect the testing probes to common ground and volt on your digital multimeter.
  • Place the testing probe on one end of the wire and the other on the opposite end. In a digital multimeter, it does not matter which probe is placed on which end, that is irrespective of their positive and negative ends.
  • If your digital multimeter gives out a tone or displays zero or almost zero values, then the wiring you are using is not a faulty one. But if the results are the opposite then you must consider replacing or repairing the wires.
  • As a matter of fact, the mains electric wiring of your home is powerful and consists of volts ranging as high as 230 volts, which can be dangerous and life-threatening. Therefore, in such a case you should consult a residential electrician to get assistance from a professional.

What can be the best cable size for home wiring?

Using an incorrect and poor quality cable for your home wiring can cause overheating and offer under par conductivity level problems, which can result in a fire at your residence. Usually, the size of the cable depends on the purpose. For general power cables, wiring with 2.5mm size can be an optimum option. For cookers and showers, you might need a thick wringing up to 6mm size and for general lighting, you can utilise a 1.5mm size wiring.

Know when to replace your home wiring

Old wiring deteriorates with time and can be an inadequate option for modern electrical appliances. Further, they can result in frequent tripping of your circuit switchboard, light flickering, and cause constant buzzing sounds from lights and wires. These are all signs of bad wiring and that you need to replace your home wiring. Replacing your home wiring to meet with your modern technology will aid to make your life easier and free from potential life-threatening hazards. Rewiring your home cables requires top-notch servicing experience and must ensure several safety standards. Consult a local electrical contractor before installing or replacing your home wiring.

What do burnt electrical switches mean?

Overheating of poor quality or bad wiring in your home can result in burnt electrical switches. Such electrical issues create a burning smell around electrical boards and switches, in this way it becomes easier for you to identify the exact location of the burn that took place in your home. Once you recognise the burning spot, immediate addressing of the issue should be done from your end to the local electrician.

You must never overlook electrical hindrances around your home. Having a regular upgrade and maintenance can save many valuable lives and allow you and your family to have a stress free living.



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