How to Build a Fablab plus FabDrupal!

By on October 23, 2013
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FabDrupal is a full set of customizations for Drupal that will help all Fablab managers and teams to run the business!

A repository for the development environment of the FabDrupal distribution, a Drupal distribution for FabLabs

This project is from the well know italian designer Massimo Menichinelli that recently also wrote an exciting post on Shareable on how to build Fablabs (he built 2!).

– How to Build a Fablab

– OpenP2PDesignOrg/FabDrupal · GitHub.



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  • ptroxler

    so … what exactly does this do? particularly: what are the technical assumptions that are built in? and how does this communicate with the rest of the world?

    • Simone Cicero

      Ciao Peter, what do you mean exactly? According to our understanding this is a Drupal content release that is usable as a Fablab management tool.

      • ptroxler

        I’ve got two questions:
        (1) What are the assumptions about how to manage a FabLab that are built into this software? such as: roles, hierarchies, modelling the FabLab, decisions that are made by the software vs decisions that are made by users, and many more such questions. code is always a way to define/prescribe certain ways of working and negating/forbidding other ways of working. What is the information that is collected, on whose behalf, how does this tool deal with privacy issues, etc.
        I am of the opinion that these assumptions need to be published (and discussed) alongside the code. From quickly glancing over the repository I had the impression that this information was (still) absent.
        (2) What information does this tool provide to third parties outside its primary users and in what ways, is there an api and what does it expose, …, what standards does it use, …

        • Massimo Menichinelli

          Hi Peter,
          I completely agree with you; but FabDrupal is not ready yet for publication, it’s just version 0.1 and I’ve just shared with other FabLabs since they may be interested in it.
          I will try to address these questions better in the future, however I will reply quickly now.
          There are only two roles: administrators and users. Administrations need to confirm the bookings, so it’s not automatically managed by code. Only administrators have access to user information (address, specifically), it is not part of API. Anonymous access to API will just have a GET in json format (but other formats are just one click away). Authenticated access has also write and update permissions, but this has to be defined better (and again, having it / disabling it is just one click away).

          • ptroxler

            Hi Massimo: that’s an important clarification:

            “FabDrupal is not ready yet for publication, it’s just version 0.1 and I’ve just shared with other FabLabs since they may be interested in it.”

            as the post here at least suggests that this is now the definitive answer … and that was coming somewhere out of the blue. Let’s continue the discussion!

          • César García

            Any follow-ups on this topic? Peter raises some interesting points about software development in general. In this particular case, I wonder who should discuss about these issues: one particular fablab’s users, fablab community as a whole or other to-be-defined stakeholders?

            Each fablab will have some particular needs, but also some very common needs to be addressed. As I’m also working on something similar (drupal+civicrm) I expect to share some insights about this topic in the following months.