Hot Ninja sends messages to other devices using WiFi SSIDs

By on May 14, 2018
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Moscow-based artist Dmitry Morozov has created a very innovative device called the Hot Ninja that is capable of messaging other devices using wireless SSIDs.

“Multifunctional network device for autonomous activity in the city environment. Its main function is communication and propaganda through the Wi-Fi wireless standard. This is the hacktivism diy response to attempts by the authorities in different countries to control the Internet. The project serves as an example of the possible opposition and decentralisation of networks to ensure communications and provide notifications irrespective of whether there is access to the global internet or certain restrictions are applied.”

The Hot Ninja System consists of three standalone Wi-Fi access points, to form and name three different networks, giving him 96 characters with which to message the surrounding area. If other gadgets do log on, Hot Ninja can also create a registration page with more information and even the ability to message back and forth. An Arduino Mega board provides the brains of the system, a keyboard for typing text and an OLED screen form the user interface.
It is also equipped with an internal rechargeable battery that is capable of powering the device for up to 8 hours at a time and can easily be charged using a power bank or smartphone charger.

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