Home Automation using Bolt Module

By on January 31, 2022
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Hey there, This project is a mixture of projects I saw on you-tube.

I have made this project so that our home appliances such as lights, fans, doors, windows etc can be automatically operated with our mobiles with just single touch from all over the world, but yah as this project is based on Inter of Things you will always need a active Wi-Fi connection. One can also operate it with voice commands and if at all your Wi-Fi has some problem I have used two way switches which can operates as a normal switch at that time.

In our day-to-day life its very tough to remember things like giving water to plans or closing the window or some times you forget that did I close the lights and fan? hmm its very tough. so by this project you can always on/off your home appliances from anywhere in the world but you should have an active network. An Easy way to make our homes smart!!!

I have made a small demo project using AC supply.

Caution:- Working with AC supply is dangerous. Work with a proper knowledgeable person.


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