Gabriel2052: the Boyfriend of a New Era

By on May 2, 2018
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Can a robot replace a man? Fei Liu says absolutely!

After a series of brief, ill-defined, and painful relationships in New York and Germany she started to develop her private robotic boyfriend.

Gabriel2052 was born to satisfy any woman’s sexual drive.

“Gabriel2052’s library of motor movements will know what I’m turned on by, his fingertips ghosting across the back of my neck with the right force-per-unit area. His motorized parts will know how to spread goosebumps across my skin, and his sensors will detect when my breath quickens in response. “

Gabriel2052 has a body based on a modified robotic arm purchased off Amazon and it is built with FLOSS (free/libre, open-source software) principles.

“He is being made with open-source software and hardware, and his source code will be infinitely upgradable and distributable. I’m doing this so you too can one day build the love you deserve.

I want to make the knowledgebase and resources that went into creating him accessible, because I believe the open-source movement can help democratize the design of robotics to serve more people, and possibly lessen the destructive forces of automation. I wish to give the tools of technology to more people so they can repurpose it—or subvert it.”

Liu’s project is challenging for sure and at she clearly explains her idea…but are we sure that it’s so easy to replace a boyfriend?

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