From Fablab Amsterdam: the Emotive EPOC as a robot-controlling device

By on May 11, 2013
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During my internship at Fablab Amsterdam, I came across a device that fascinated me a lot. It  was a freaky looking headset called the Emotive EPOC that promised to be able to read one’s mind using EEG. When you wear it, it can separate 16 different thoughts, all based on a direction or a movement (for example: left, rotate forward, push, etc.). In this document I will describe the process I went through connecting the EPOC to a wireless controllable robot. By connecting two actions (push and pull) to two directions of the robot (relatively forward and backward) through Flash, I am able to control with my mind. It is an example of one of the many applications that one can think of when using such a revolutionary device.

via Using the Emotive EPOC as a robot-controlling device | Fablab Amsterdam.

Amazing hack!

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