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By on January 2, 2016
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OpenPicus FlyPort is a system on a module dedicated to IoT and M2M application, especially for professional use. Following some details on the solution:

Why FlyportPRO SoM?
A system-on-module is the best solution for those customers looking for flexibility and for development time and risk reduction. FlyportPRO is already installed in tens of thousands of professional devices around the world and you can rely on our professional support during development.
How to create your next IoT/M2M product?
Easy, just designing a simple carrier board for it you get three different products. The carrier board is normally very easy to design since you don’t need an host processor there: FlyportPRO acts as core processor and connectivity, all in one. If you want to see how much you save with FlyportPRO instead of design from scratch we made this guide for you.

Embedded development made easy

We provide you a powerful IDE, for free. The IDE manages our powerful real-time framework that manages the connectivity stack and your application, with zero risk and max flexibility for you. You don’t need to struggle with registers and low-level programming: our APIs are there.

Connectivity features

  • Web server, HTTP server (only on Wi-Fi/GPRS versions)
  • HTTP Client
  • FTP Client SMTP, SNTP
  • FOTA firmware upgrade over the air (only on Wi-Fi/GPRS versions)
  • SSL/TLS security
FlyportPRO pinout
60 pins are available for your application. Most of them are remappable, this means you can adapt the pinout of our module by software.
  • Microchip PIC24GB256 processor 16Mbit Flash memory (for FOTA and web pages)
  • 30 GPIOs
  • 10 Analog inputs (with onboard 2.048V precise voltage reference)
  • 4 UART
  • 10 PWM
  • SPI
  • 2 I2C
  • Serial bootloader on each module to flash the firmware by UART

Here is the Flyport Wiki with all the details to use it in a few!

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