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By on February 27, 2017
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The Fishino project is constantly evolving to provide always the best IoT development boards you may need.
We are doing our best to upgrade our products and to make them easier to buy: from that purpose the collaboration with TME.

Now you can choose two different ways to buy your Fishino board:

Here is a full overview of our prototyping board, 100% compatible with Arduino:

  • Fishino UNO – is the entry-level board of Fishino family. It’s a board 100% compatible with the famous Arduino UNO, but it is provided with interesting additional peripherals on board, among which a WiFi module, a microSD card reader and a RTC (Real Time Clock) which greatly enhance its capabilities.
  • Fishino MEGA – is a board that is compatible with Arduino Mega. In its hardware we implemented a significant innovation: the possibility to have it battery powered. This board includes all Fishino UNO features and adds an integral switching power source, capable of supplying about 800 mA-1A (for a total between 3 and 5 volts), starting from an input voltage that may vary between 3 and 20 volts. It has a single cell LiPo battery connector, a battery charger on board and an additional side connector, in order to solve the well known misalignment bug found in the Arduino series, that makes it impossible to use it along with stripboards and breadboards.
  • Fishino GUPPY – has a very limited size of the board (as Nano for Arduino), indeed the smallest Fishino. Guppy shows remarkable functions and features: the peripherals that are included in the board are the ones of Fishino UNO and MEGA, with the exception of the RTC module, that cannot physically find place in the PCB, supposed to be the smallest possible. In comparison to Fishino UNO, however, we added the whole power supply stage, using a switching technology, and the possibility to power the board with a lithium polymer battery, which is an extremely interesting thing, since it is well suited for portable projects, or even wearable ones.
  • Fishino 32 – the new Fishino board with a 32-bit processor.

Last but not least, don’t forget these other two features available for Fishino boards:

  •  Octopus – an expansion shield, compatible with all Arduino boards and with our Fishino UNO (and Fishino Mega that we’ll launch soon) that almost without consuming hardware resources provides 16 PWM outputs and 16 additional digital inputs/outputs. In addition, you can connect up to 8 shields, giving Arduino up to 128 PWM and I/Os, that can be managed in a total transparent way by the user through a specific library.  Ideal for managing multi-color LED or servo motors.
  • Blynk supported – Blynk is a platform with iOS and Android apps to control Arduino, Raspberry Pi and, thanks to the new library release v0.3.8, also Fishino over the Internet. It’s a digital dashboard where you can build a graphic interface for your project by simply dragging and dropping widgets.

Your Fishino Board is waiting for you and now, thanks to TME, we can reach you in the middle of nowhere :)

For further informations you can read other Fishino articles or refer to a very active community on Facebook.

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