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By on February 5, 2019
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Fishino32 is top of a 32-bit card series based on PIC32MX470F512. It programs exactly like a normal Arduino UNO, through the IDE and with the syntax we are used to. Simply perform a small procedure in the IDE itself, allowing you to activate the development tools for PIC MCU and you’re done.

Fishino 32 has 512 kB of ROM, 128 kB RAM, clocked at 120 MHz, native USB interface (is that Host Device), integrated RTC, support for microSD memory cards, WiFi module, stereo audio codec, battery power (plug and / or via the USB connector, 3-volt up to about 20 volts), automatic charging a LiPo battery (if any external power supply).
Ability to shutdown software all the card, leaving only fueled the standby processor; ability to wake from standby through an external pin or by RTC fixed times; Arduino UNO standard format; internal operating at 3.3 volts; DIGITAL pin 5V-tolerant, so there is no danger of burning the card shield to 5 volts.

Technical features
  • Controller PIC32MX470F512H
  • WiFi module on board
  • MicroSD card reader board
  • RTC (clock with backup battery – not include) on board
  • stereo audio codec board
  • Additional offset connector for compatibility with breadboards and perf boards
  • Power switching technology with high efficiency
  • It can be powered by a single-cell LiPo battery, charger included
  • Software power off and awakening by external events


Technical specification
  • Power supply:
    – 5 Volt USB connector
    – 5 Volt input +5V
    – from 3.5 to 20 Volt input Vin
    – from 3.5 to 20 Volt plug on the power
    – Rechargeable, lithium- ion battery 3.7 Volt single cell, the bat connector
  • Digital levels: 3.3 Volt, 5 Volt tolerated on the digital inputs
  • Controller: PIC32MX470F512H
  • Clock: 120 MHz, decreased via software
  • Memory:
    – 512 KBytes Flash
    – 128 KBytes RAM
    – EEPROM emulated via software
  • Avalaible ports:
    – 14 digital with 5 in PWM
    – 6 analog
    – 2 digital 3.3 Volt
  • Available interfaces:
    – 1 x external SPI
    – 1 x SPI / I2S internal
    – 1 x I2C
  • Additional modules on the card:
    – Wi-Fi
    – Connector for microSD cards
    – Built-in RTC processor
    – Codec High Definition Audio
    – Full Power Control software

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