Finnish company creates Thingsee One open platform for Rapid IoT prototyping

By on December 20, 2014
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Thingsee One is set to arrive on the market after kickstarter campaing went succesful.

This project is often dubbed as open hardware even if I failed to find any link or explicit commitment to release hardware design.
All the software stack is open source and based on promising Meshblu platform:

You can easily build your own web services and mobile applications on top of Thingsee One. We provide you with the Thingsee Backend SDK to help you get started. It’s based on NodeJS and the open source Meshblu platform. We will also provide code examples to get you started.

 You can also use your favourite language or framework to build your own web apps or services. Use NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, PHP or any other tools you’re familiar with. The device can send the data over HTTP. We’re working hard to enable more protocols as we speak.

via Thingsee One: The Smart Developer Device by Haltian — Kickstarter.

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