Facebook to release “Wedge” and “FBOSS,” as Open Compute keeps componentize Networking

By on July 10, 2014
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Facebook just unveiled an upcoming release of Open Designs for a new “top-of-rack network switch, code-named “Wedge,” and a new Linux-based operating system for that switch, code-named “FBOSS.” 

” These projects break down the hardware and software components of the network stack even further, to provide a new level of visibility, automation, and control in the operation of the network. By combining the hardware and software modules together in new ways, “Wedge” and “FBOSS” depart from current networking design paradigms to leverage our experience in operating hundreds of thousands of servers in our data centers. In other words, our goal with these projects was to make our network look, feel, and operate more like the OCP servers we’ve already deployed, both in terms of hardware and software.

via Introducing “Wedge” and “FBOSS,” the next steps toward a disaggregated network | Engineering Blog | Facebook Code.

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