Dust monitoring system

By on August 9, 2021
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In this project we see how to build an IOT-based dust monitoring system that can measure surrounding dust, send data over the Internet, and monitor the long-term value graphically.

We use a Sharp gp2y1014au0f particle sensor which uses an IR LED and when the particle enters the sensor, the light bounces back to a photodetector. This technique is called laser diffusion. The intensity of the scattered (bounced) light depends on the dust particles. The more particles, the greater the bounce or dispersion. This change in light intensity on the photodetector changes the sensor output voltage that we can read.

We use an Arduino UNO microcontroller and an ESP8266 (ESP01) Wi-Fi module, for Internet connectivity. Finally, we use the Blynk app (IOT platform) to view the data sent by Arduino.

Below the wiring diagram.

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