Drone – The latest Intel investment

By on February 9, 2017
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We admire the wonderful Super Bowl show recently … with the sky strangely illuminated. Intel was the maker!

Drones are a good market because they use a lot of technology, including Intel’s RealSense depth cameras, and they produce an enormous amount of data.

It’s all part of a virtuous cycle, according to Anil Nanduri, vice president in the new technology group and general manager of Intel’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The world’s biggest chip maker has moved beyond chips to focus on great outdoor experiences for users.

Nanduri is in charge of keeping that virtuous cycle going, and he gave an interesting interview.

Anil Nanduri: When we started with RealSense, we were working on PCs and tablets. We were trying to see how we could change the computing interface with gestures and other use cases. As we were exploring, we had two versions of RealSense cameras: one, the front-facing, was primarily for PC interaction, and then we had the world-facing, which we designed for tablets. That can see further away. The world-facing camera, which was depth-sensing, also had the ability to work outdoors.

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