Droiko on Kickstarter – First True Gaming Drone, the battle is now!

By on January 6, 2017
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Droiko is a high technology gaming micro drone that allows you playing GAMES with your drone. It’s a fully open source product, both hardware and software. As soon as the project is succesfully funded, everything design related will be publicly available: the full code, the electronics schematic and board layout, and the 3D models.

These games include laser combats, drone racing, challenges, and many more games like capture the flag or defend your base. Some of the games are only possible thanks to Droiko’s main accessory (Checkpoints) to define special areas during gaming, for example: control points for your customized racing track or your base where you can land to refill simulated ammunition.

It also features simulated proximity weapons, this means it can emit a short range radio-frequency signal that “hits” nearby Droikos.

Droiko can be flown using the smartphone free app or using any standard RC transmitter, and a beginner mode can be selected so anyone can fly it.
Droiko and its Checkpoints can be easily reprogrammed, using Bluetooth or external ARM programmers to load new code, make changes or debug it. The Droiko App uses Bluetooth to wirelessly update Droiko’s and Checkpoints’ firmware, so you will be able to get new features and games easily. Thanks to the expansion port, Checkpoints are a perfect platform for learning, creating addons or even using them for other projects. They will provide the coding environment (based on Eclipse) and the software tools needed to reprogram Droiko and its Checkpoints.
They are also working hard in order to achieve Arduino, mBed and Microbit compatibility, among others.

Key Features

  • Ready to use gaming drone, just take it out of the box and start playing. No assembly no soldering required.
  • Laser + IR marker and proximity weapons.
  • Double coaxial propellers for higher stability and longer flight times.
  • Swashplate mechanism to allow for movements in every direction.
  • Fly it using your smartphone or any standard RC transmitter (using a bridge Checkpoint).
  • Fly it indoors or outdoors (if there is no wind).
  • High end sensors for higher stability, automatic altitude and easier flying.
  • Almost unbreakable, very easy and cheap to replace damaged parts in case of extreme crashes.
  • High performance, swappable battery for 12+ minutes of flight time with a single charge and unlimited gaming changing batteries.
  • Light weight (<50 grams) so it can be flown anywhere and does not need FAA registration.
  • Fully safe propellers for kids, pets and objects.
  • Checkpoints to define special areas in games.
  • Laser battles, drone racing and many other games.
  • Fully open source product, both hardware and software.
  • Learning platform for drone piloting, electronics and coding.
  • Customizable, hackable and expandable.

Droiko Technical Specs

  • Double coaxial 19 cm diameter propeller with stabilizer bar.
  • Servo actuated swashplate mechanism.
  • Double high power, high efficiency DC geared motors.
  • Low power laser pointer.
  • IR led marker and several IR receivers.
  • High power RGB led.
  • 1 cell 3.7V, 300 mAh, high performance LiPo battery, 30 minutes charging time.
  • USB programming port.
  • nRF52832 Arm Cortex M4-F 32bit 64MHz MCU.
  • MPU9250 9 axis Gyro, Accelerometer and Magnetometer.
  • LPS22HB high precision barometer.
  • High efficiency motor, servo and led controllers.
  • High quality PCB and pasive components.
  • Total weight including battery of 45 grams.
  • 23 x 13 x 13 cm dimensions, including propellers, stabilizer bar and tail.
If you want to know more about: Kickstarter Droiko

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