DIY Your Arduino Spider Robot

By on November 24, 2018
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Instructables user MusaW has recently released a detailed guide to create a four leg (quadruped) robot using SG90 servo with servo driver and all controlled using WIFI Web server via smartphone browser: the total cost of the robot, including electronics and 3D printed components, is around US $55.

There is a lot of NodeMCU variant in the market and basically have the same functionality, for this project i choose Wemos D1 Mini. This part will be serve as a Web Servers for our quadruped as an Access Point. What u need is just connect to the Quadruped AP and control all the movement of your robot, and maybe for the future project it will displaying all the sensors dashboard you need..

An Arduino Nano is the core of this quadruped robot. For schematics, 3d printed parts, electronic components and all you need to know about this project, you can refer to the Instructables page.

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