DIY an Alexa Enabled Death Star Lamp

By on May 10, 2018
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Maker Adi Singh recently wrote an Instructable to build an expanding Death Star Lamp starting from a popoular Ikea lamp. This amazing creation is also controlled with your voice.

This is possible thanks to an Arduino MKR1000 SBC embedded in the lamp which takes voice commands via Alexa. A stepper motor is tasked with opening and closing the exterior segments, and a solid-state relay turns the light on and off. It also features a spectacular custom paint job, making this lamp/superweapon stand out even more.

“To keep the workload manageable, I have abstracted out the elements of backend software that parse Alexa messages and handle real-time communication. You only need to upload the Arduino sketch and set up the Alexa skill as described in this tutorial, and the voice-control should all happen out-of-the-box.”

You can see the results in the video below as it changes shape and blinks to the soothing sounds of the Imperial March.

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